it all starts here

Today was my first appointment with the Autism Diagnosis Service. I met a very nice lady who asked me a lot of questions and gave me a bunch of forms to fill in; an RAADS-R, a pre-assessment questionnaire and a form for someone who knows me to fill in. It transpires that we are going to gather as much information as possible about me from as many people as possible and then it will be analysed by a psychoanalyst and the Autism Diagnosis Service. I then may have to take some physical tests if the information compiled isn’t conclusive, which it often isn’t with women.

Did you know that it is much harder to diagnose an autism spectrum disorder in a female than in a male? Apparently this is because girls are subjected to a whole different set of influences and treatment by parents, family and peers than boys. With men there tends to be obvious signs of the autism spectrum being present in the individual, as it often runs down the male line of the family and it is more acceptable for a man to pursue a career in engineering or cabinet making or computer sciences. Women seem to have a more emotional disposition, which makes it more difficult to identify.

I have done a little research into Asperger’s Syndrome online and have discovered a blog that is absolutely amazing. If you find this post and want to know more about Asperger’s, particularly in women, then go and visit Tania Marshall, a Psychologist with a Masters in Developmental Psychology in Applied Psychology and is completing a Doctorate/PhD in Autism Studies, specializing in females with Autism. I found this post particularly helpful in filling out my forms.


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